Sophia Cobots

Retiring safe and sound is a much debated topic. This is because of which we purchased an exoskelet a few years ago. By wearing an exoskelet, the employee is forced to lift in an ergonomic manner. Let’s imagine lifting a heavy load whilst reducing spine pressure by 40%? A huge relief only by just thinking of it.

Hankamp is caracterized by its willingness. The latest knowledge and technologies enable to unburden employees. That is where cobots come into play. As can be deduced from its name, cobots collaborate with humans. What does this collaboration look like on the shopfloor? This issue will be investigated by the partners of the Sophia Project. That is, it depends on the employees’ demand. Think of;

  • (partly) unburdening employees
  • providing support whilst lifting overhead
  • remote controlling machines by means of a VR headset

Yes, we have robots already. And we are still happy to have them. But robots differ from cobots. Robots are static and have a fixed operational space. Cobots, on the other hand, are flexible. They can be easily transported throughout the shopfloor. Furthermore, cobots do not require a safety fence since it is ought to collaborate safely with humans.

The automotive industry is amongst the industries which implements cobots already on a large scale. Hankamp Gears aims for extending the implementation to the manufacturing industry as well.