Working at Hankamp


Regardless of the recession a few years ago, we kept on looking for highly skilled people. This was done in several ways, being local cooperation one of them. By cooperating with several educational institutions students were, and still are, given the opportunity to get an impression of the company. What is expected from an employee at Hankamp and how to improve your position and develop yourself as a staff member? Questions which will be answered soon when working at the company. However, neither an employee nor a trainee has to discover this all by his or herself. Since we can be considered a family company, anybody is given the help and support needed despite his or her position within the company (i.e. trainee or employee).

To reinforce the importance we place on employee welfare, it is recommended to read the success stories underneath:

Success stories:

Bart Rotting, started off as a trainee. As a practically oriented student he made a lot of progress within a rather short period of time because of which he was offered a contract once graduated. After being able to control the (conventional) turning machine, he was allowed to operate more machines. By telling that he took evening classes in technical education in the mean time, it won’t be a surprise to you that he developed himself as a multi-skilled operator.

At this moment, he is responsable for all production activities in our new production facility (next to the main building). He controls nearly all machines amongst which the Mazak HPQ 150 MSY (double turret/double spindle), Gear hobbing machinery, Gear shaping machinery, Spark erodation equipment and a Mazak Nexus MY 350 with a Pneumatec automatic loading robot.

Where André Bijker started off as CNC-operator he worked his way up as head of the Woodward Production Cell. Besides that, he is in charge of drawing up schedules, reporting to and consulting Hankamp’s management team. All in all a job with lots of responsibilities which he manages really well.


We are always looking for motivated staff members who are eager to add value to, in particular, our production department. If you are interested do not hesitate to send us your curriculum vitae: