RoboTeam Twente

The RoboCup is the annual competition of robotic soccer teams. Its first competition was held in 1997. RoboTeam Twente is made up by a dedicated and extremely motivated team of students of the University of Twente. This year, the team will compete for the third time in a row.

A short outline of the setting makes it easier to make an interpretation of what it looks like. The arena measures 9 x 12 metres. The players themselves? They are fascinating. Fascinating because of their size. Fascinating because of their intelligence. The players have a length of 150mm and a width of 180mm. Their tiny format should however not be taken as a point of reference concerning their intelligence. The robotic players are equipped with smart technologies enabling them to :

  • avoid static obstacles
  • avoid dynamic obstacles (i.e. players) which prevents them from colliding with one another
  • paths to be taken are calculated within 60 sec
  • be autonomous (i.e. no remote control needed)

Besides this, one can truely shoot at goal. Peanuts? The goalkeeper is as smart, allowing him to trace the ball in no time.